Is my high school diploma sufficient for admission to a specific bachelor’s programme?

Required for admission to the bachelor’s programmes is a Dutch VWO diploma (or a Dutch University or ‘HBO’ diploma) or the equivalent. Students who are not in the posession of this Dutch diploma will have to apply for admission. While it is impossible to give information here about the value of all high school diploma’s from around the world, we’ve made a list of diplomas that are considered to be approximately equivalent to the Dutch pre-university diploma (VWO).
If your diploma is not equivalent to Dutch pre-university standard, it should generally be expected that you will have to take one or more entrance exams or courses.

During the application for admission, the Admissions Office will evaluate your diploma(s) and formulate an advice on admissibility. The concerning faculty will make the actual decision on your admission. Other documents such as your CV and motivation letter will also be consindered during this process, especially when your diploma has not the required level. The faculty will also decide whether you will have to take some preparatory courses and/or whether you have to take some entrance exams. We cannot tell you for sure on forehand whether your diploma will grant you admission so we would advise you to send in your application so you get to know what you are up to.
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