How to travel to and from Leiden?

Arriving by plane
Leiden is only 20 minutes by train from the main Dutch airport ‘Schiphol Amsterdam International Airport’.

Other Dutch airports relatively close to Leiden, mainly used by low-cost european carriers, are Rotterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport.
From Rotterdam Airport: busses from Rotterdam Airport to the Rotterdam Central Train Station depart frequently and takes about 20 minutes. From Rotterdam Central Train Station it will take you about 30-40 minutes to travel to Leiden Central Train Station.
From Eindhoven Airport it will on average take you 2-3 hours to get to Leiden.

By train
Leiden’s Railway Station connects Leiden directly with the major Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague). When arriving with an international train at one of these stations you can find trains directly to Leiden at all hours of the day. Trips can be planned online on the website of the Dutch Railroad Company.
Opposite the Leiden Central Train Station you will find the Leiden Visitor Centre, they can provide you with further directions for your visit to Leiden.

By car
Leiden is reachable via the Dutch highways A4 (Amsterdam - The Hague) and A44 (Amsterdam - Delft). You can use the Michelin Routeplanner to schedule and plan your trip.

Read more in the booklet Finding your way (pdf).

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